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Jewelry Makers

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This is a community by and for artists in the media of metalworking, textiles, paper, found objects, miscellaneous craft materials and lapidary who want to exchange information, show off their work, and just generally chat about the art and craft of jewelry.


All forms of jewellery work are welcome! We all can share techniques and learn from each other.

Please read and follow these few simple rules:

1. No sales, advertisements or auction notices. There are a great many selling areas on Livejournal, some of which are listed below, but this community is not meant to be a primarily commercial forum.

2. Posts may not be accompanied by personal commercial links, such as to a selling journal, website or etsy store. Links that go directly to a picture -- in lieu of posting a picture via html -- are okay. Links that go to materials suppliers (as clarification of materials questions) are also okay.

If queries are made as to more of your work, your website, etc. in the comments of your post, feel free to then post your website, your journal, etc. in the comments, but only as a response to someone's request for such. :)

3. If you are posting more than one picture, please put all but the first behind a cut (info on lj cuts can be found here: http://www.livejournal.com/support/faqbrowse.bml?faqid=75 ). This is kinder to our members who may be on dialup.

Failure to adhere to these guidelines will result in the post in question being deleted.

Other communities of interest:

jewelry_bazaar -- for the sale of all types of finished jewellery
toolsandjewels -- to sell and trade jewellery-related materials and equipment
metalsmithing -- to discuss different types of metalwork, not just jewellery
fire_enamel -- to discuss and showcase enamelling

All photos posted here are the property of the artists they are attributed to, and no claims will ever be made otherwise. The community admin can't be held responsible if pictures or ideas you post get copied, so please bear this in mind; while we would hope that all our members uphold a standard of integrity that would make intellectual property theft a non-issue, this isn't a perfect world, so cover your own bottom, thank you. :)